Monday, 7 December 2009

New Tamil group vows to start a fresh war

A Marxist group of Tamil militants with connections to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation and Cuba is preparing to mount a new insurgency in Sri Lanka six months after the Government declared an end to the 26-year-old war there.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was founded in eastern Sri Lanka four months ago and has vowed to launch attacks against government and military targets unless its demands for a separate Tamil homeland are met.

“This war isn’t over yet,” Commander Kones, head of the PLA’s Eastern District military command, told The Times during a night meeting in a safe house in the east of the country last week.

“There has been no solution for Tamils since the destruction of the LTTE [Tamil Tigers] in May. So we have built and organised the PLA and are ready to act soon. Our aim is a democratic socialist liberation of the northeast for a Tamil Eelam [the desired Tamil state].”

“We are getting stronger by the day, much stronger than any other group,” Kones said. “The day of action is close.”

A few nights after meeting Commander Kones, deep in a rural area, The Times encountered three young PLA recruits waiting for a guide to take them to one of the organisation’s jungle training camps.

Two were 15 years old, one was 16. “The PLA sound very interesting to us,” they said. “They are the only ones now doing something for the Tamil people.”

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  2. අනේ නෑ ඩිස්පෙන්ස...ආ වැරදුනා..අනේ නෑ නෝ-ප්‍රේමේ, සමහරුන්ට ජෙනරාල් දැකල බඩ යනවානේ..ඒකයි දැම්මේ..ඔන්න ජෙනරාල්ට දෙන එවුන්ට පොයින්ට් එකක් දුන්නා..මහින්දයට දෙන එවුන්ට ඉක්මනට පොයින්ට් එකක් හදලා දීපං.
    මොකා ආවත් අපිට එකයි.

  3. good post.. I heard that news too..

    yeah.. most of the people who is doing PK service to Mahinda is now shocked...

  4. What has SF or MR to do with this? A mountain out of molehill.